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Crater Gulch's Design Notes.

Overall, the primary influences of Crater Gulch are Kowloon Walled City (九龙城寨),
the look of Pueblo cliff dwellings, and North African Ksour. Crater Gulch has the same reputation for seediness as Kowloon Walled City.

Crater Gulch is basically semi-medieval Kowloon Walled City made out of magically-shaped and moved sandstone. Like KWC, Crater Gulch’s
foundations are a military fort which has been slowly engulfed by rapid development. Magical capability is highly prized in Crater Gulch, and
residents tend to try to showcase their ability with flashy illusions and signboards that tend to coincidentally resemble neon signs in the outermost layers.

A good idea for the palette is to take inspiration from the photos here, and for extra inspiration, research each of the main inspirations on your own time a little.

Overall, the lower layers have a similar sort of disorganised, trade-focused atmosphere to a bazaar, or a Singaporean Hawker Centre, with stalls selling goods
strewn throughout the lower levels, occasional cultivated tufts of vegetation spring out here and there, mostly tapioca plants and various edible desert flora including agaves, yuccas, and aloes.

Cliff Dwelling References

These are a good start, however, the texture of Crater Gulch’s rock is much smoother, due to it being magically shaped.




KWC References


Signs for businesses are incredibly common on the outer layers.

The modular-ish mishmashed nature of KWC should be reflected in Crater Gulch’s design.


Berber Ksour

These are a more direct influence on how the earth is shaped in Crater Gulch, the stairs of the Ghorfa are similar to
how most residents climb up to the outer layers. Some built areas contain windows, and others don’t.



A larger, full Ksar, feel free to put in similar vegetation with some cactii, too.

Steep steps with no railings!


Fantasy Markets/Misc.

Decided to throw this in as well, use it to take inspiration.




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