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Crater Gulch's Cuisine

Crater Gulch is known for it’s unique cuisine, which is an entirely syncretic blend of different cultures, customs, new inventions, and adaptations.


Crater Gulch, being a trading post where all may be found, has managed to acquire it’s own tea culture, and it’s unique brand of tea, locally called
“Tsay”, from a corruption the Goblin for “tea”.

Tsay is usually brewed continiously by boiling and repleninshing tea leaves (usually of the smoked variety) along with a form of boiled milk.
Tsay is traditionally drunk in the early hours of the morning, to help one warm through after the cold desert night.

Kaavi is a version of Coffee prepared with the same methods as Tsay. Sugar, or Lokum is often added to sweeten and flavor the coffee before the
milk is added.


“Kuh” is a boiled and dried tapioca flour mix made with leftover Tsay and sweetened with agave, Kuh is boiled over a fire and continiously stirred until
the flour firms into a pudding. In a nutshell, this is basically one giant boba cut and carved like a beef brisket.

Mushroom Stew

An adaptation of a Drow dish, this usually has some form of mushrooms, but due to limited stock, sometimes they are subtituted for meat or aloe.

The stew is mostly whatever vegetables the cook can find mixed with a thick, soupy broth, hopefully with mushrooms.


Small meatballs grilled over an open fire and served with flatbread and vegetables. A syncretizaton of various meatball dishes and recipes eaten across the continent.


This is a common type of meal in Crater Gulch, various dishes from all sorts of cuisines are made with sourceable ingredients and adapted to the desert heat.
The resulting meal is usually centered around a single stew, the eponymous “everypot”, in which anything that pairs well tends to land.

Blood Juice

Despite the name, most of the time, this does not contain any blood.

The standard ingredients for Blood Juice is a base of Prickly Pear juice mixed with various other cactus fruits and wild cherries, chilled, steeped in a herb mixture and strained out.

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